Sunday, March 11, 2012


Porta retratos reciclado.

Some time ago I went to an event where they gave me a presentation on a CD, I liked the packaging so much that I saved it and now I'd transform it into a frame.

It's super easy, but I think it's the perfect place for this photo of my mom and I in Paris. Which is one of my favorites.

Hace algún tiempo fui a un evento en el que me dieron una presentación en un CD, me gustó tanto el empaqueque lo guardé y ahora lo he transformado en un marco.

Es súper fácil, pero creo que es el lugar perfecto para esta foto de mi mama y yo en París.  La cuál es una de mis favoritas.


  1. Hi there! Love that you were able to recycle a cd case to make that great frame! Very cool! PS..I only got to Paris once with a girlfriend and oh, how I loved it. Hope to get there again someday!

  2. Hi Winnie, Thank you for your comment. I really love Paris and I will be so happy if I can return soon.


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