Monday, May 19, 2014

Museun Style Display Tutorial

This is the tutorial that I share in Scrapadabadoo Crafts group, on May 19, hope you enjoy it.

Estas son las instrucciones que comparti en el grupo de Scrapadabadoo Crafts el 19 de Mayo, espero les guste.

Museum Style Display Tutorial

Mostrador Tipo Museo (Instrucciones)



4 pieces
Chip board
3” x 6 “
4 pieces
3” x 4”
4 strips
Black card stock
2” x 6. 5”
1 square
4” x 4”
1 strip
1/5” x 5”
1 square
Black card stock
4” x 4”
! square
Black card stock
4 1/8” x 4 1/8”
4 strips (punched with a decorative border)
Black card stock
3 1/8” x 2”
Something to display.

Score tape
As needed.

Masking tape
As needed.
Led lamp (optional)

Score the strips that measure 2” x 6 1/5” at 1/5”.

 Put score tape in both halves close to the border as shown.

Remove one of the protectors of the acrylic.

 Remove one of the protectors of the score tape and attach one piece of chip board and on top of that in the 1/5” that is left, put the acrylic.

 Repeat the process with the rest of the pieces.

 Remove the other protector of the acrylic and put a piece of masking tape on top of the union as shown.

 Score the piece of acetate that measures 4” x 4” score it at 1/5” in each side and put some score tape on the borders.

 Glue it on top of the masking tape as shown. (Just  the first 3 sides).

 It will look like this.

Take the acetate strips and score it and fold it at 1/5”, 2 1/5”, 4 1/5”.

 As I decide to display my favorite butterfly die, I cut it in a mirror image and put some score tape.

 Attached it to the strip, making a sandwich.

 Put some tape on the base of the strip.

 Score and fold at 1/5” in all sides the square that measures 4” x 4”, then cut the sides to make a simple box and using a die or a punch, cut a square in the middle.

 With the left over piece, cut a smaller square and make a cut in the middle without cutting it apart.

Put the strip of acetate the way it is shown.

Place the black box in the bottom of the acetate and put the strip of acetate on top, then close the box. (I put a black butterfly so you can see better the way it will look)

Now it time to decorate, cover the box with the black card stock.

With the square that measures 4 1/8” x 4 1/8”, score and fold it at 1/5” in all sides and form a simple box, use the punched strips to decorate the top part and put it in place. Leave it without glue so you can change your display object whenever you want. 

You can put a led lamp in the bottom part and it will look like this at night.

May 19, 2014

Hi Everybody!

This week I had the nice surprise to be invited by Barrie and Carol (Thank you Ladies!) from to share a tutorial in their Facebook group "Scrapadabadoo Crafts"  If you want to participate in their challenge and get the instructions for this project, please joins us in the group, It will be nice to see what you can do and we'll appreciate all your comments.

Hola a todos! 

Esta semana tuve la agradable sorpresa de ser invitada por Barrie y Carol (Gracias!)  de a compartir un tutorial en su grupo de Facebook "Scrapadabadoo Crafts" Si quieres participar en su desafío y obtener las instrucciones de este proyecto,   unete a nosotros en el grupo, será bueno ver lo que puedes hacer  y apreciaremos todos tus comentarios.


  1. Wow Norma!... esta bestial!...que idea buenísima!!.... gracias ! la copio ya!;-)

  2. Norma, esta hermosa de verdad eres una artista. No cualquiera tiene esa creatividad.

  3. This is such a wonderful idea you came up with! Your Brava! Love the instructions, too. Even someone like me who is "crafting-impaired" can follow the directions. I'm impressed with anyone who can go from Point A (the dreaming up of a design) to Point B (the finished product). This design is so clever!


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